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Dear Business Owners & Family Members,

Right now, the world we live in is unpredictable especially the economy today.

With Interest Rates, Inflation & Tax Rates going up we need to make sure our money is in the right places so that we can get the best case scenerio on our money.

Especially when you have a family. you have assets, and an income to protect it makes sense to make sure your money is safe and protected for all your loved ones no matter what.

So what are you doing to protect the lifestyle that you live now AND in the future for you and your loved ones?

Most people say they put their hard earned money into a bank account.

But Let Me Ask You A Question....Why?

Because that is considered as normal in society and what people do  day in and day out all across the world….

But what financial institutions have failed to do is EDUCATE people just like YOU and I on what they do with OUR money once you deposit it into the bank.....

The interest rates you get charged on multiplies in value, BUT the interest that you earn actually is extremely low and isn't going to increase once you put it into a bank account.

So I Invite you to ask yourself a second question…..

What if you had a bank account that actually grows with you?....

A Banking System that holds your money so that it actually grows in value and that it is protected no matter what….

I believe men and women just like you and I know the value of a dollar and deserve to get the best education on where to put your dollars so that it would grow much faster than it is in a traditional bank account….

Introducing The Concept called Infinite Banking….

You many or may not  heard of this concept. 

....Whether you know very little about it, alot or nothing at all....


.....I am invitig you to get the education that you and family  can all get ahead financially!

Thats why I have chosen to partner with a team of experts who are willing to lay out on the table and teach you what they know about infinite banking so you can take complete control of your money and become your own bank…..

That you and your family will be assured that you are having your money in a safe place to grows with you ...

There is also the other side of the coin though…..

And that other side is called Tax

Did you know that Most Americans are paying way too much money on tax and that there are strategies you can implement so you can pay less tax?

Well that is another topic we will be talking about in our 2 day infinite Banking Summit…

I feel honoured to share with you what we know about the infinite banking concept to get you more financially secure and equipped....

To Your Financial Security,

Paula Smith James.

Meet Your Expert Speakers


Paula received a Bs degree in Hospitality Management with special training in Food and Beverage from Moneague University College in Jamaica.

Paula went on to get her state license with the state of Florida as a life insurance agent. She is currently in “IBC” Infinite Banking Concept at Infinite Wealth Strategist. 

Paula's  professional interest and focus is on “IBC” Infinite Banking and current project includes Infinite Banking Policies with spendthrift Trust.

In addition Paula serves in a nonprofit organization as a Office Administrator for Levy Ministry International as a volunteer of Levy Ministry International. She was honored with the recognition for the implementation of a food pantry as a way to contribute to the community of West Palm Beach Florida which feeds over 100 families each week.


Tunji Olujimi is a author of 5 books, a Speaker, Pastor, Coach and the Creator of Accelerated Authors Academy.

Tunji helps entrepreneurs write bestselling books so they can establish themselves as experts and authorities in their industry in as little as 90 days.

He believes that anyone can write a book because everyone has that one book in them that needs to come out on display. 

Tunji believes we all have a story, and a message to share that will position our credibility and visibility.



Ceo Of Infinite Wealth Strategist

Global Leader in Asset Protection & Wealth Management.



Cherri Middleton brings years of experience as a Business Consultant and Life Coach. 

Cherrie is the Ceo of All Natural Meats, has excellent customer service and commitment to work hard listen and follow through. 

She provides quality service to build relationship with clients and more importantly, she maintained those relationship by communicating effectively.


Infinite Banking, Bank like the rich

Money Lender & Real Estate Investor.


Mr. Edland is a lifelong servant leader and serial entrepreneur who while doing Real Estate investing a mentor shared with him two extremely powerful financial tools that were a game changer - Vortex Banking and Spendthrift Trusts. 

Mr. Edland has become an expert in this area and is an Infinite Wealth, Senior Strategist, showing investors and business owners how to earn interest and dividends on their income, debts and expenses, eliminate third party interest, protect their assets in a titanium vault and defer all taxes for in perpetuity on all passive, K1, and capital gains income, plus convert ordinary income to passive income. 

Mr. Edland started investing in real estate in 2016 doing Subject-To’s, short sales, preforeclosures, owner finance, wholesale and fix and flips under his company Whole Shebang Real Estate.

Mr. Edland has also founded two systems integration and professional services companies, co-founded a software company, a partner in a venture capital firm and a partner in a technical consulting, staffing, project outsourcing, and software development company


Co-Founder, COO & Financial Strategist of and Co-Founder, COO at 2thinkceo brings his expertise on How to use the mapping strategy to structure your debt and pay off all of your debt earlier.


Jessie Laine Powell has been deemed a timeless vocalist. Born in Lexington Kentucky, Jessie grew up in a home filled with the gospel, jazz and music of the church and that of her talented siblings. But it was the jazz influence of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, R&B of Anita Baker, Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, and Gospel of BeBe & CeCe Winans begun to dominate her musical taste.  As a result, Jessie followed her love for the stage to Lexington, Kentucky where she was afforded the opportunity to open up for the sultry jazz great Nancy Wilson. Jessie has since gone on to add countless television, theatrical and radio appearances to her growing performance resume.

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Mandy Bryant  FR. Chico Califorina
"Several years ago my husband and I were on a mission to get ahead of some common life debt and ultimately feel a sense of financial freedom. I had school loans and a car payment that the balances felt stagnant even though we were paying more than the minimum payment. We were sick of paying the interest on those accounts and hoped for a better way. That's when we found the concept of Infinite Banking and all the possibilities it held. At first I was intimidated by what seemed sophisticated beyond my understanding, but with some explaining and examples we decided to give it a try. Fast forward three years and we have paid off both my car and my student loans by borrowing from ourselves essentially and continuing to build interest as we pay ourselves back. I am a believer in this product and the possibilities of financial growth and freedom it offers."


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